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Comprehensive management at every stage of the project, beginning with the original concept, yields the greatest benefit to owners. The result is an efficient use of resources including material, labor and supervision that collectively create a signature home for our clients.


The initial consultation is an important first step in the homebuilding process. It provides a meaningful, non-intimidated way to meet with the builder to discuss your vision and how to make it work within your budget as well as ask any questions you may have regarding the homebuilding process. Items such as project location, budget, design criteria and timeline are discussed.


The pre-construction phase of a project is as critical as the building construction itself. Pre-construction services are designed to provide both the owner and the design team a source of accurate information from which educated decisions can be made concerning the materials, equipment systems, design details, scheduling and project cost. The result is a building designed to the owner's specifications, within budget and without surprises. There is no substitute for proper planning.


  • Discuss specific project goals, budget and timeline
  • Discuss team requirements (architect, structural engineer, civil engineer, soils engineer, surveyor, landscape architect, lender, interior designer, Architectural Review Board, etc.)
  • Discuss owner involvement and project expectations
  • Perform project site review (topography, trees, soil, adjacent properties, etc.)


  • Participate in design meetings and share constructability concerns
  • Provide creative value engineering ideas and resolve discrepancies between design and budget
  • Provide alternative design considerations and enhancements


  • Create conceptual cost estimate during schematic design
  • Identify preliminary materials and finishes
  • Perform material cost analysis and evaluate necessary modifications
  • Prepare preliminary specification sheets
  • Work with client to create material and finish allowances/budgets
  • Prepare preliminary cost estimate during design/development


JM Designer Properties has developed and maintains a dedicated team of professional suppliers, vendors, contractors and service providers that have been assembled over years of quality custom home building. Our loyal team works extremely well together as each component understands the dedication to quality and value that is expected on every JM Designer Properties home.


  • Provide the client with a single point of contact
  • Control the scope of work
  • Coordinate project scheduling
  • Enhance the project design & construction quality
  • Provide cash-flow management throughout the project


  • Provide quality control & assurance
  • Help avoid delays & disputes
  • Maintain clean jobsite
  • Schedule inspections
  • Order required surveys
  • Verify material delivery
  • Ensure jobsite safety


  • Verify and code incoming invoices before logging them into internal system
  • Confirm appropriate approvals before processing invoices
  • Pay vendors, suppliers, and employees while maintaining records of each account for potential future disputes or auditing
  • Maintain computer-based accounting programs
  • Maintain insurance requirements for all contractors
  • Maintain lien releases from all contractors

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